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Jen and Will,
I hope that you guys have a fabulous time! I'm looking forward to following along with your stories and photos. Jen, we all miss you here in Victoria, and we are of course envious of your travels and time away from grad school! hugs, lisa


Yes, Will, but every day you are closer to where you are going.

Peter, Diane, & Ethan

What a great adventure you're both about to set out on! You will see many old friends, meet many new ones, see many beautiful places, eat many wonderful meals, and make many wonderful memories. We look forward to reading about your exploits!


Great idea setting up website. You can get input along the way. Try the Baba Lu Restaurant in Great Barrington when you hit the Berkshires. Great Veggie food plus amazing burgers for Will.


Hi Jen!

On your way! Great! I will follow your trip to Europe... who knows!

be careful, but enjoy!

Ton and Caryn

Karen, Brian, and Garratt

Hi Jen and Will- Hope you are having a great time so far!
Thank you again for all of Garratt's gifts and for you assistance in going to the pharmacy last week. I will send pictures soon-- I think he is already bigger since you saw him last.



Love your journaling. Den and I went to Mexico City on our honeymoon. A year later we went back, rented a car, and meandered through picturesque towns. That was a LONG time ago. Look forward to your next installment!


Your trip and personal notes, indicate that you are farther away yet very close.I feel privileged to be sharing an adventure of a life-time with you.
Jen, your mom was always proud of your zest for life,...but this is "way over the top"! The people you and Will shall be meeting are indeed fortuneate. I trust, after-all that you are worthy "ambassadors". Love, Rhoda


Will & JEn,
I enjoy reading about your adventurous, especially because we will be able to go and see some of the very same places in Mexico and Guatemala. This is like a personalized tour guide for us. Will, did you know that Lucho put a link to you website from his website? We hear that a lot of PDX Aliens are going to France, so you'll see them. TAke care!!!


Hi you two! Just letting you know that I'm thinking of you and not doing much Nanowrimo this year.

Have fun!



Dear Jen,
I just got your email - We have been out of touch for so long! I did not have the chance to read through all of your journals, but it sound like you are having a fabulous life-time experience! And what a neat idea - to share it over the web and keep in contact!

Wishing you and Will a happy and health new year!

- Andrea

Carrie Engle

Dear Will and Jen,
It is such a thrill to experience your trip through your words and descriptions. I am usually both mesmerized and full of awe and at the same time I am laughing out loud from the cleverly written humorous situations. You will look back at this trip as such a marker in your lives. I think it will share equal value with your formal educations for personal growth. I am so proud of both of you!

Love, Carrie

Bob & Leslie

Hey guys,
It was a little scary to know that you were in Spain when the blast went off. Its good to know you are safe and available for trips to Playa and Bahstun. Looking forward to your return but we will miss the travelogue!

Love, Bob & Les


Dear Will and Jen,
Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through you. I have had the best time readiing about your travels. Thanks, too, for taking the time to share your experiences with the rest of us! Now go back to work.

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Thanks for these schedules. Hope I can meet you all someday.

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